Sears Target X

Sears Target X

GENERATION X – BORN BETWEEN 1965 and 1980 – AGED 37 to 52 CURRENTLY – SEARS Catalog native

This target creator (customer) is your brand storyteller. They recall the SEARS of legend. They are influenced by the experience habits of gen x and gen z.  They are your former shoppers who you will win back through promoting quality and service. For immediate success, you must consider this audience in your service model.

Values: Reliability, comfort, family values. “I need something reliable that will not break down” ~Jerome, 42  | “How can I recycle this?” ~Doreen, 52

Craves a balanced work and life with many options for engaging with a brand or a service, but likes reliability.  “I remember when you could go to Sears and everyone knew so much about the stuff they had there. ~Gerard, 47