Elements Toolkit Near Term

Elements Toolkit Near Term

The new sears product policy should prioritize durability, function, and form, over price. Sears is still known as the place where you would shop to find those items you expect to endure. An informant who years later purchased a Sears home, said he could still see the instruction numbers on the rafters. To him, these numbers spelled quality and function.


In order to quickly reach your target customer, you need to immediately stock only the best quality items and liquidate the rest. Stocking the best should be easy, given the kind and variety of products already in stores and warehouses. You can liquidate the rest by giving employees and their families demonstration products, by holding in-store raffles and contests, and by donating (more on this in Passion Engine).

Imagine a neatly stocked store where every item that is touched has the feel of durability and quality.


Sears has lost touch with its family of innovators and designers. You should immediately team up with American designers and Makers to create new product offerings. Using the Galleries as a launch point, you should be able to hold innovation contests and other community-based activities that re-affirm your brand as a knowledgeable and helping partner in the business of helping people realize their concepts.

Imagine getting the idea for a new kind of drill from a nineteen-year-old customer who happened by the store for an Innovation Saturday.


In the first step toward the transition away from selling a product to a CUSTOMER and transition toward facilitating an experience with a CREATOR, Sears should allow its store staff to offer creative bundles of goods and services. Your line staff knows the customer better. They can create and package innovative product bundles.

Imagine walking into the housewares department and seeing a fully outfitted kitchen and bar, complete with party favors and the guest’s wardrobe.

Or imagine an “Off to College” package containing a complete kit for what a young person will need for their dorm.