Creator Experience Near Term

Creator Experience Near Term

The new SEARS guest Creator (customer) values history, autonomy, and making. They expect a seamless online/offline experience. They discover new experiences through social networks and expect to have a curated interaction with the brands they grow relationships with.



At every level of the SEARS experience, the first words from anyone’s lips should be, “How can I help you?” Sears was founded to help farmers get high-quality goods, easily, and at reasonable prices. Today’s SEARS customer feels they are not being helped or cared for. The only way to foster this caring is to start with the staff. And not just the line staff, all staff. The new internal motto for SEARS should be, “How can I help?” It may be in how you answer the phone, your email signature, or how you start meetings. It may also be adopted by your online support and retail staff. Sears is now in the business of facilitating experiences.


SEARS has a long and largely ignored history that make it one of the only businesses to have endured generations of service. In each and every SEARS store, this history should be celebrated with mini-galleries. These galleries, near the entrance, will entice millennials and their influencers. As you can see from the research, millennials crave authenticity. They also see themselves as makers. If they can identify with the maker culture inside sears, they will become your loyal collaborators.



The SEARS staff Creator values mastery and purpose. They expect to spend their time doing something that will enable learning and growth while helping others. To facilitate this, SEARS must allow store managers to make as many decisions as possible about what to order and how to place it within the store. All stores should be immediately resized to accommodate only the best display. False walls and moving store fixtures can create a team creator inspired shopping experience for the guests. Only those merchandise that are in the best condition should be displayed. We saw one image of a store that had so many refrigerators, they were angled to fit into the space provided. The local staff creator should have the autonomy to display only in the best most accessible way. Additional competitor analysis suggests this trend is already underway at other retailers.

We saw evidence of this attitude in several store staff. View in appendix

“I really love playing with all the appliances. People love to see how they work.” ~Adam in Cambridge